The Legend of Hoku

“The Legend of Hoku” is comprised of two chapters that are direct excerpts from Sean Donovan’s epic adventure novel, “The Trip”. Although this story is an integral part of the parent novel, it stands alone as a great short story in its own right. Without revealing any critical plot points or spoiling the surprise ending of “The Trip”, this story allows you to pull up a sandy seat and hear an enthralling tribal folklore tale as told around the campfire by the village elder on the fictitious South Pacific island of Rahiti. This story takes place about a third of the way into The Trip.

Here’s a brief synopsis to bring you up to speed: Two American brothers, Stan and Lance Duncan, had become disenchanted with modern society and the stress and pressure of the world. Despite being highly successful in business, the brothers decided to take a six-month sabbatical to the South Pacific to rest, relax, surf and experience different aspects of life, far removed from the life they had always known. The brothers opted to visit the small, undeveloped island of Rahiti which is inhabited by a friendly, peace-loving tribe of Rahitians.

The Rahitians don’t have the same problems that we have in modern society. Their only concerns revolve around the basic necessities of life. When will it rain again to replenish the fresh water supply on the island? And if it does rain, will typhoon winds blow away their primitive, but comfortable grass huts? The pristine islands of the South Pacific enjoy natural beauty without the need for makeup, jewelry or elective surgery. The people of the islands are exceptionally healthy without the aid of doctors, insurance, hospitals and drugs. In the absence of even the common cold and flu – as well as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and other chronic diseases that plague the rest of the world, the native islanders, for thousands of years, did experience a very different form of population control. Imagine if cannibalism was an accepted, natural form of death. Now consider what you would do if someone you loved was abducted and eaten. Surf your way through the pages of this adventure to discover the power of love, determination and belief in oneself. Then read “The Trip” novel to experience the story in its entirety.

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