Invest in Yourself: Six Strategies to Make this the Best Year of Your Life

Author Sean Donovan is no stranger to difficult times. Losing two businesses, his home, and simultaneously going through the worst breakup of his life almost cost him his life. But it didn’t. “His moment on the floor” redefined his purpose and attitude and gave him a second lease on life.Now Sean wants to share some of the strategies that helped save his life and rebound him into a state of happiness, health, love and success. If you’re currently going through despair, crisis or depression, this book will empower you to put things into perspective and make profound changes in your life. Would you like to be able to help others or make a positive impact on the world? Sean offers a counter-intuitive approach to helping others; it’s called selfishness. This book is written for people who don’t necessarily like to read. It intentionally features large font, wide margins, and language that’s easy to read. Digest this book 5 minutes at a time and in a short time, you just might find yourself living your best life. Take the time to invest in yourself.


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