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“Good writing is the crystallization of pure thought. Publishing a book allows us to share our “crystals” with the world.” – Sean Donovan


Sean Donovan is originally from Richmond, Virginia, but the lure of palm trees, sunshine, sailboats and his daughter inspired him to move to Ormond Beach, Florida in 2009.

Sean has owned multiple businesses including a Real Estate Brokerage firm, Class-A Contracting company, and a Mobile Auto Repair and Restoration service. Sean is as much a coach for authors as he is for health and wellness, and has facilitated both individual and corporate wellness programs, workshops and one-on-one coaching. Personal development and leadership has been an integral part of Sean’s life because he is passionate about helping others accomplish their goals and realize their dreams.

Sean is a published author of four books and has helped many other aspiring authors write and publish their first books as well. His love of writing is fueled by his belief that communication is the foundation of relationships – and relationships are the fruits of life!

“The genesis of my love of writing occurred when I entered a Young Author’s contest in the second grade. Since then I’ve had an affection for writing and collaborating with other authors. I believe that the mere thought of writing a book begins a cathartic process between the mind and soul from deep within the author; therefore, I thoroughly enjoy coaching and mentoring aspiring authors. Good writing is the crystallization of pure thought. Publishing a book allows us to share our “crystals” with the world.”

Sean’s philosophy is that, aside from your attitude and your writing, there are not many things in life that you can completely control. He also believes that the pen truly is mightier than the sword and “writing wrongs” is a great way to deal with adversity and challenges in life. Writing can be done anytime, anywhere – with a digital recorder, laptop or good ol’ fashioned pen and paper. As an avid traveler, Sean has done some of his best writing while traveling.

His first novel, “The Trip” is based on a ‘what if’ scenario he imagined while traveling in the South Pacific. This epic adventure novel is 199,000 words long and took over ten years to complete. If every word averages four characters and if you account for punctuation and spacing, his fingers hit the keyboard over one million times while writing this book.

Sean, posing with a copy of his first novel, "The Trip".
Sean, posing with a copy of his first novel, "The Trip".
Sean Donovan holding the first copy of his first book, "Health and Happiness: an owner's manual for the mind and body"
Sean, posing with the first copy of his first book, "Health and Happiness: An Owner's Manual for the Mind and Body"

Sean’s first published book, a non-fiction, self-help book entitled “Health and Happiness: an owner’s manual for the mind and body” is a compilation of good, common sense advice for happy, healthy living. He found inspiration to write this book due to the tragic loss of a co-worker to her second battle with cancer at the young age of 36. Her death, coupled with the impact it had on Sean’s workplace, plus the declining health of our nation, fueled his passion for wellness. This book delivers tangible strategies to empower readers and help them create “Health and Happiness” in their lives. Sean metaphorically earned a P.H.D. in ‘Practicing Health Daily.’

Sean’s third book, “Invest in Yourself: Six Strategies to Make this the Best Year of Your Life,” came to fruition as the result of a personal challenge he announced on a live radio show that he co-hosted. “I was promoting an upcoming writing and publishing workshop for local authors and decided to refute multiple objections from prospective authors as to the time commitment required to write and publish a book. Having spent ten years writing “The Trip,” I hardly had a leg to stand on in this argument; however, I knew that a book could be written in a short period of time if there was a strong desire and systemization.” From start to finish, including editing, cover design, digital proofing and shipping time, Sean had print copies of this 22,000 word, 150 page book in hand for the workshop ten days after he announced his challenge.

Sean, posing with a copy of his writing manual, "The BookBook".
Sean, posing with a copy of his writing manual, "The BookBook".

Some of Sean’s greatest achievements have been helping others accomplish their own goals. Therefore, he wrote “The Bookbook: a Recipe for Writing and Publishing Your Own Book” to help aspiring authors realize their dream of writing a book. In fact, Sean cherishes the books that his author clients write as much as his own.

“It’s an honor and privilege for me to help people live better lives through the creative and innovative communication facilitated by writing, coaching and speaking.”

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