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Everybody has the power to write their own book with the right help. If these clients could do it, then you can, too!

Think Snow

by Ken Kinsler

“When I first met Ken Kinsler, I could instantly sense that he was a very good man that had been through a lot in his life. Ken was able to purge his soul by pouring out his pent up emotions onto the pages of “Think Snow.” I was quite amazed by his story as well as his ability to relate the problems evident in Vietnam to many of the situations still evident in society today. This book is not just for people who like war and history – it’s for anyone who has ever had a bad day!”

– Sean Donovan

"Think Snow", a book by Ken Kinsler

What Ken Has To Say:

“Sean Donovan entered my life as an encourager when I needed one. I had a dream. He had patience and foresight. His devotion to me produced and directed the book in me. His knowledge and expertise were never more than a phone call away during the creation process and the encourager in him continues to show up in whatever capacity needed in the marketing of my dream. Sean wears many hats well, the first one is friend!!”

– Ken Kinsler

Ken Kinsler posing with his writing and a copy of his book, "Think Snow"
Jacket art for "Merchant's List", a book by A.N. Caird

Merchant's List

by A.N. Caird

It’s rare to work with an author client of this caliber. I knew from the moment I spoke to Mr. Caird, this would be an exciting project. It turns out that the story was just as interesting as the author! Not only did I get to vicariously make the pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago, I got to walk many miles in the shoes of an ex-military intelligence analyst and probably one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. If you like action, adventure, historical fiction, suspense, and mystery you’re going to LOVE this read!

– Sean Donovan

What A.N. Caird Has To Say:

“In my nearly five decades of writing, mainly for government publications, I’ve been corrected by the less knowledgeable, critiqued by the poorly informed and misquoted by the self-serving. My think pieces have been edited to the point where the substance was reduced, accuracy left in question and, on occasion spiked, only to miraculously reappear under another’s name.

Enter Sean Donovan!

From our first encounter, I was impressed by Sean’s enthusiasm. Not about the opportunity to possibly score an editing job but rather his evident love of life.  Here is a young man who personifies the term: Action.

We share a love for the sea and sailing. International travel has matured our inquisitive minds from hands-on appreciation for the beauty of nature to acceptance of the fact that another’s opinion while anathema to ours still has value.

Never in the editorial process of Merchant’s List did Sean insist on a particular change, deletion or addition. Instead, he assisted in a way that brought new life to a hackneyed phrase, or clarification of my overly rarefied mindset.

Without fear of contradiction, I wholeheartedly offer my endorsement of Sean Donovan as an editor and, possibly for others, a lifelong friend.”

– A.N.Caird

29,000 Mornings

by L. Stephen Keeler

Keeler and I meshed well right from the get-go. His experiences and life lessons, coupled with my editing, formatting, and technology training yielded a steller final product in spite of the fact he insisted on typing the whole manuscript in PowerPoint. I still love to harass him about that! As with many of my other clients, we inevitably became great friends during and after the project.

– Sean Donovan

Cover of "29,000 Mornings", a book by Stephen Keeler

What Stephen Has To Say:

“Sean, it’s been a couple of months now since we first published my book, 29,000 Mornings and now is a good time to share a few thoughts with you.  I have been involved in numerous pleasurable and successful ventures in my day but I have never enjoyed such a gratifying endeavor as working on this book with you.

You simplified the complexities of publishing and made the project completely turnkey. You did an incredible job of editing and your guidance throughout was invaluable. And your service was stellar and affordable.

I just wanted to take this brief moment to thank you for being a partner and a buddy in this very meaningful undertaking.  The book is far beyond my expectations and normal skill level.”

-Stephen Keeler

Steve Keeler and Sean Donovan pose together with Steve's book, "29,000 Mornings"
Cover of "A Metamorphosis for You," a book by Amy Frederick with jacket art by Thays Franca

A Metamorphosis for You

by Amy Frederick

It was such an honor to help Amy articulate her story and bring her dream of becoming a published author to life. I love the diversity of the projects I get to work on and this one certainly expanded my horizons as I took a walk Amy’s shoes. From her hilarious dating exploits to her down-to-earth advice for other women, this was a fun and fulfilling project from start to finish. We even got to collaborate with artist Thays Franca who did the custom artwork for the book cover.

– Sean Donovan

What Amy Has To Say:

Sean Donovan and Amy Frederick pose with a copy of the book "A Metamorphosis for You". Thays Franca holds the framed original painting used for the cover art.

“Working with Sean was an amazing experience for me. He really listened to what I wanted to accomplish and helped me reach my goals. Writing a book has been an 8 year long dream of mine that I never thought I could complete. But with Sean’s help and patience he made the process simple. I am extremely pleased with my book and the way he helped me articulate what I wanted to say! I can’t thank him enough!”

– Amy Frederick

Josh Morrison: A Lifetime Lived in a Moment of Time

by Don Aloysius Morrison

I can’t believe I’m at another funeral.

“Those were the first words that Don Morrison spoke to me when I first met him at his father-in-law’s life celebration event. Don went on to explain, in an hour-long conversation during the reception, that he had buried his 19 year old son, Josh, just a couple years prior. I listened intently as Don regaled me with stories of Josh and his accomplishments. We clicked and bonded right away during that conversation. I could tell that a part of Don’s soul died when Josh passed. But he proudly recounted some special memories, relaying them to me with pride and tears in his eyes. Shortly thereafter, he decided that he wanted to write a book to memorialize his son.

Through the process of working with Don, we became good friends and I felt like I learned so much about him and his family that I actually became a part of it.

Unfortunately, the ultimate tragic coincidence occurred. My first meeting with Don was at a funeral and my last was at his funeral. He passed away unexpectedly just days after receiving the final print proof copy of his book. What started out as a tribute and memorial to Josh Morrison, ended up becoming Don’s legacy and parting gift to the world.

I only knew Don about 8 months, but in his case, our time was more about quality than quantity. It’s truly amazing how well you can get to know someone while working on a book project with them.”

– Sean Donovan

Cover art for "Josh Morrison: A Lifetime Lived... In a Moment of Time" a book by Don Aloysius Morrison
Jacket art for the book "The Affordable Immortal" by Rudi Hoffman

The Affordable Immortal

by Rudi Hoffman

Working on this project with Rudi Hoffman, the world’s foremost authority on cryonics and after-life preservation, was an absolute blast and quite a learning experience for me as I learned a lot about an industry and technology that I was previously unfamiliar with. Rudi is an excellent writer, but had been working on this book for 17 years! He just needed some guidance, accountability, organization and content editing to get the project across the finish line.

– Sean Donovan

What Rudi Has To Say:

The written testimonial that Rudi Hoffman left in Sean Donovan's copy of "The Affordable Immortal"

Sean, I have waited 17 years for this moment. I am signing my first book – and the first signing is to my coach, editor, and friend, Sean Donovan. April 5, 2018. We made this happen together.

My eternal gratitude,
Rudi Hoffman”

Deep Green

by Jenny Nazak

Working with Jenny Nazak on this book project was a fulfilling venture with a ‘deep’ meaning for me. As an environmentalist and a young grandfather, I want to do everything in my power to help preserve the planet and the beauty of nature for our future generations. I know that this book not only helped me learn some strategies to reduce my own eco-footprint, but sharing these ideas with the world will help save the world – one reader at a time. Thank you, Jenny for entrusting me to help you with such an important and heartfelt project.

– Sean Donovan

Cover of "Deep Green", a book by Jenny Nazak

What Jenny Has To Say:

“If you want to write a book, or publish a book you’ve already written, I highly recommend Sean Donovan, who offers an array of editorial & consulting services for authors and aspiring authors! Thanks so much Sean for helping me produce a more professional version of my ebook, and for helping me produce a print edition of the book as well!

 I love Sean’s attitude: “It’s wrong not to write” — which, to me, means, “if you have ideas to share, don’t hold back, get em out there where they can do good in the world!”
Deciding to invest in professional editorial & marketing help for my book was a big step. Brought up all sorts of old doubts about self-worth. Doubts I’ve mostly healed over the years but that can still surface from time to time as I take on bigger challenges …

Was my book worth it? Was *I* worth it? I can tell you now it was a wise move! I am getting great value from Sean Donovan’s services, and would recommend him to anyone who’s written a book or aspires to!”

– Jenny Nazak

Author Jenny Nazak poses with a copy of her book, Deep Green
Cover art for "Intergenerational Engagement: Understanding the FIVE GENERATIONS in Today's Economy" book by Dillon Knight Kalkhurst

Intergenerational Engagement / Generation Everyone!

by Dillon Knight Kalkhurst

“Dillon Kalkhurst is a dynamic individual. His personality is contagious and his communication and speaking skills are magnetic. It was no surprise that he turned out to be an amazing writer as well.

His book explores each generation and the unique traits associated with each. From improving personal relationships at home to creating harmony and co-mentoring in the workplace, Dillon has covered all of the bases, and he does it in a humorous and engaging manner.

We decided to create a dual-branding for his book to appeal to two different audiences as well.”

– Sean Donovan

Cover art for "Generation Everyone! A Guide to Generational Harmony at Work, School & Home" book by Dillon Knight Kalkhurst

What Dillon Has To Say:

Dillon Knight Kalkhurst and Sean Donovan pose with copies of Dillon's book "Intergenerational Engagement"

“I had been speaking nationally for over a decade on the subject of Generational Engagement. I had always pondered writing a book but had no idea how to start. Then I was introduced to Sean at a networking event and learned of his author coaching and editing services.

I read his book, The Book Book and started to write. The easy to follow steps helped me outline, format, and most importantly START my book. Once I finished, Sean’s editing proved invaluable as I was able to release and publish my book less than four months after I started. It could have been faster had I not had a “day job.”

Since my book release, I am able to charge five times more for speaking engagements and I have officially been established across the U.S. as an authority on Generational Engagement. I recommend Sean wholeheartedly. Don’t go it alone.”

Konkeros 2018

by Lou Paris

Immigration is such a hot topic in our country right now. There are so many misconceptions about immigrants as well as confusion about the immigration process. If only someone who has successfully been through the process, and helped others do the same, would write a book to dispel the negative notions…
Enter Dr. Lou Paris. His book, Konkeros 2018, has helped many international students secure legal employment and get on the path to citizenship. Conversely, he has also helped local employers find and recruit talented international employees. This book is loaded with great, practical advice and resources.

– Sean Donovan

Front cover of Lou Paris's book "Konkeros 2018: An International Student's Guide to Finding Employment in the US"

What Dr. Paris Has To Say:

Working with Sean was a pleasure. His positive and calm demeanor made me feel relaxed through the editing and publishing process. Sean’s input was always relevant and precise, which made the book infinitely better. Thanks to Sean I am an Amazon best-selling author. Thank you for getting me there!

– Dr. Lou Paris

Sean Donovan and Dr. Lou Paris pose with a copy of "Konkeros 2018"
Jacket art for "After Mom," a book by Diane Michael

After Mom

by Diane Michael

“Working with Diane on “After Mom” was a true honor. Memorializing a lost loved one with a book is a very special venture and I greatly appreciated the opportunity to be a part of her journey.

The entire project was smooth and working with Diane was incredibly easy. She is a real go-getter who shattered every goal that she set for herself in the process of writing this book. It’s rare that I have a hard time keeping up with my clients, but Diane definitely put me to the test, finishing this book well ahead of schedule. It seemed that her thoughts and feelings just started to pour out onto the pages of the book as the wellspring of emotions flowed from her heart in a cathartic fashion.

The thing that really impressed me about the way Diane tackled this project was that she was determined to write this book to help others cope with the loss of their loved one; truly an unselfish author with a mission to make the world a happier place.”

– Sean Donovan

What Diane Has To Say:

Author Diane Michael poses excitedly with a copy of her book, "After Mom"

“I started writing the first book I wanted to publish in 2015 and wrote 80,000 words when the characters stopped speaking to me. For years I considered more tales and finally decided to write about what I know – the death of my mom and life in the aftermath.

I knew I wanted to actually finish this one and the challenge of before would not exist this time. I decided to seek out an editor. I knew two and after sitting down with Sean first, learning more about his experiences in writing and editing, I chose him on the spot. I had a clear image of how I wanted “After Mom” to come to life and felt confident Sean would guide me there quickly and efficiently.

He made the editing process simple. He also saved me so much time by taking on the tasks of getting “After Mom” available on Amazon. Sure, there’s step-by-step directions all over online and Sean even wrote a book on how to self-publish but being a traveling entrepreneur I don’t want to make time for that. Stick to what you know and let Sean handle the rest!”

– Diane Michael

No Fishing In My Pond: A Blueprint to Protect Your Sales

by Rick Rivers

When I met Rick, he was already a published author and had been for quite some time, but his book had gone stagnant. It was not available print-on-demand and was not plugged into any distribution channels. Together, we devised a strategy based on his needs and goals. We then made a few revisions, republished and relaunched his book. It’s now available on Amazon, and it’s print-on-demand, so he no longer has to order a massive quantity of his book from the printer.

– Sean Donovan

Cover for "No Fishing in my Pond: A Blueprint to Protect Your Sales" book by Rick Rivers

What Rick Has To Say:

“I decided to re-brand one of my books and launch on Amazon, so I turned to Sean. He was able to help me through the entire process, while also offering great tips and insights on how to create more sales and some book changes. This guy really has your best interest at heart when he’s on your project

– Rick Rivers

"The Flight of Happiness: a Modern Guide to Rediscovering Your Inner Bliss", a book by Sarah Dickey

The Flight of Happiness: A Modern Guide to Rediscovering Your Inner Bliss

by Sarah Dickey

“I really enjoyed working with Sarah on her first book project. Author coaching, consulting, editing and publishing was facilitated remotely by video conferencing, phone conversations and the latest technologies that included: Dynamic documents, file-sharing, cloud-based storage and online publishing technologies were utilized throughout the creation of her book. The end result is a heartfelt offering that will make you feel nothing less than happy! ”

– Sean Donovan

What Sarah Has To Say:

Author Sarah Dickey holding her book, "The Flight of Happiness"

If you are looking for an individual to encourage you, keep you on task, and inspire you, then you are totally in the most amazing and capable hands.  We all have dormant dreams alive within our hearts, and Sean was able to bring mine into vibrant being.

I had been dreaming of writing a book since I was a little girl, and my fortunate connection to Sean has been life changing.  Sean’s organization skills, enthusiasm for life, grammatical correctness and passion for writing has allowed me to realize this childhood dream.

If you are looking for someone to support your writing process, then you need not go any further.  Who better to invest in than yourself?  I am already looking forward to book number two!  Thanks ever so much Sean!!  You have been an instrumental part of my journey!

With Much Gratitude,
Sarah L. Dickey​

The Tales of H.W. Bear

by Elaine Brayton

“Elaine had been wanting to write a book most of her adult life. She and her husband, Alan, are long-time members of an international walking group. The group had a mascot named H.W. Bear. This bear literally traveled all over the world while Elaine and her peers documented his many journeys. It was really great to work together with Elaine and Alan. The excitement was evident at every one of our face-to-face coaching sessions. Elaine did the writing, Alan did the photography, and, of course, H.W. Bear presided over all of us at every meeting.”

– Sean Donovan

"The Tales of H.W. Bear", a book by Elaine Brayton

What Elaine Has To Say:

“Writing my first book was a challenge. Meeting Sean was just what I needed to make it all happen. He gave me the confidence to do it! His easy going coaching, his suggestions, his own positive attitude made this a successful and enjoyable undertaking. It was such a pleasure to work with him, and the outcome of a book in hand was exciting!”

– Elaine Brayton


So many thanks for all the time you spent with us to make the book a reality.

For a long time, it was a dream. I am so appreciative at all the attention to detail, the encouragement you gave and the fun it is to meet with you. What a wonderful experience it has been to know you!”

– Elaine and Alan Brayton

Elaine Brayton, H.W. Bear, and Sean Donovan pose with a copy of "The Tales of H.W. Bear"
Written testimonials from Elaine Brayton
"All In: Playbook to Become a Student Athlete Role Model", a book by Joe Behm and Andy Smith

All In: Playbook to Become a Student Athlete Role Model

by Joe Behm and Andy Smith

“I met Andy Smith after he delivered a keynote speech at a motivational event. Andy expressed an interest in writing a book during our initial conversation. He subsequently introduced me to his business partner, Joe Behm. When they told me they wanted to create a motivational book for young, student athletes, the topic resonated with me and I knew right away that I was ‘All-In’!”

– Sean Donovan

What Joe Has To Say:

Joe Behm, co-author of "All In: Playbook to Become a Student Athlete Role Model"
Joe Behm
Andy Smith, co-author of "All In: Playbook to Become a Student Athlete Role Model"
Andy Smith

Sean was instrumental in several aspects of bringing All-In to fruition. From the proper software tools, to content advice, to layout, he kept us on pace and was always accessible for advice. His positive attitude and can-do spirit was inspirational as we completed each step of the process. I’d highly recommend anyone seeking book writing guidance to utilize Sean’s services. Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions you may have.

– Joe Behm

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