Sean Donovan

Authorpreneur: aw·thor·pre·neur

  1. A person who successfully utilizes the written word to share their story, mastering all three phases of the writing process.
  2. An entrepreneur who makes writing their business or uses writing to build credibility and/or promote their business.

syn: wordsmith, successful author, master communicator

Leave a Legacy - Write a Book!

We’ve all got a story to tell. Our lives are stories and every day is a new chapter. What’s YOUR Story?…

Utilize the art of writing to:

  • Share family history
  • Pass along knowledge
  • Build credibility
  • Create residual income
  • Sharpen your communication skills
  • Entertain others

Writing and publishing a book can be a long and arduous task – or a fun and fulfilling adventure. We’re here to help make writing and publishing your book a pleasant experience.

Our coaching, editing, formatting and publishing packages will help you get your book written and published at a comfortable pace and in a supportive environment.

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Ready to share your story?

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