The BookBook: A Recipe for Writing and Publishing Your Book

Your life is a story and every day is a new chapter. Don’t deprive the world of your story, wisdom, ideas and feelings. Leave a legacy. Write a book. It’s wrong not to write! This “Bookbook” is a ‘cookbook for books’ and contains the recipe for effectively and efficiently transferring your thoughts from mind to medium. You will not only learn the secret ingredients of successful book writing, but also how to easily publish your work. Two published authors share their step-by-step formula for mastering the art of writing and publishing in multiple formats. The time and money-saving secrets revealed will enable you to produce quality writing in less time and publish your book with minimal expense. Thanks to new technologies, freedom of speech has never been more tangible and accessible than now; that’s why you should ‘Write Now!’ The only thing stopping you from writing and publishing a book is YOU. Let us help. It’s time you shared your knowledge and reaped the benefits of becoming a published author!


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